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6 Key Store Settings to Get Checkout-Ready

We’re here to help you get sales, so let’s make sure you’re set up for that to happen. 

Handshake’s checkout launches on November 17, and there are six key settings to check to be ready to take retailers’ wholesale orders.

Getting set for orders

1. Check your store location and currency

Double check that your store address is in the US, and that your store currency is set to US Dollar (USD). Go to Settings > General in your Shopify admin.

2. Check you’re set up for direct payments

For now, retailers can only pay for their Handshake orders with a credit card. This means that you should have a direct payment provider integrated. Handshake is not currently supporting any external payment providers.

3. Polish your product pricing

Every product for sale in your Handshake wholesale channel must have:

  • A wholesale price
  • A product category
  • Case pack quantity
  • Minimum order quantity
  • A wholesale price lower than the retail price

All of these details show up to the retailer when they’re browsing your products. Get help pricing and managing your products.

How your product pricing, quantities, and minimum order info appears to retailers.

4. Set your shipping rates

Handshake’s checkout defaults to the shipping rates set in your Shopify admin. So if you want your wholesale shipping rates to be different from your retail shipping rates, choose one of four setup options:

5. Add your shipping and returns policy

Retailers will see a clickable Shipping & Returns link on your brand profile, and under every product description (see photo below). So let your customers know about how and when you dispatch orders.

Go to Handshake > Preferences and add as much detail as you can about your order processing and shipping times, returns process, and refund policy. And add mention of any extra costs a retailer might incur after they place an order with you, such as shipping, or taxes.

An example Shipping & Returns policy.

6. Tracking inventory

Handshake products follow the inventory rules you’ve set in Shopify admin. If inventory tracking is enabled in your store, products can only sell if you have sufficient stock to fulfill the order. Or if you’ve set your products to “continue selling when out of stock.”

An item set up to “Continue selling when out of stock”.

When the orders come in

Finding and fulfilling orders

Once Handshake orders start coming in, you’ll find them exactly where you’d find other orders – in Orders in your Shopify admin. To filter so you’re only seeing your Handshake orders, select More filters > Sales channel, and check Handshake.

When you fulfill a Handshake order, an order fulfillment email is sent to your customer from Handshake. It doesn’t use the template in your notification settings. It’s a separate Handshake email template which includes tracking numbers and shipping carrier details.

The order confirmation email will be sent to your customer even if you deselect “Send shipment details to your customer.”

See Fulfilling your own orders in our Help Center for more order fulfillment tips.

Editing orders

Editing Handshake orders generally mimics how you’d edit regular orders you’re receiving. You can add new products, remove products, and add custom charges such as shipping or taxes.

To change the quantity of a product, first remove the product and then add it back to the order. Then, you can adjust the quantity and apply a discount. For more information about how to edit orders, see Editing orders in our Help Center.

An email will be automatically sent to your retail customer when you edit their Handshake order, to let them know you updated it. It’ll confirm the products included in the new order, but won’t indicate which products were edited or removed.

An example order update email, sent to your customer.

Canceling and refunding orders

Handshake is an open marketplace where every registered retailer can place orders with any supplier. You do have full control over who carries your products though, and if you feel strongly that a retailer isn’t a good fit for your brand, you can choose to cancel an order.

Read more about Canceling and refunding orders in our Help Center.

Charging tax

All orders on Handshake are tax-free as standard. After a customer places an order, and before the order is fulfilled, you can add custom charges, such as taxes, for your customer to approve and pay.

See our step-by-step guide to charging custom tax.

We cover all these Handshake setup steps in detail in our Help Center, so head there and have a read. And if you need a hand with anything, our team’s here to help you get set up for success. Email us on Happy selling!

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