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6 Trends to Focus On for Your 2021 Holiday Season Stock-up

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The year-end holiday season is the retail industry’s busiest and best time of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and more, this period encompasses a ton of different holidays.

In 2020, the average US consumer spent $997.79 for the holiday season, making it one of the biggest consumer spending events of the year, second only to the back-to-college season. Though this was a slight dip from the previous year, signs are already pointing to renewed shopper confidence.

Other spending events this year like back-to-school, Mother’s Day, and Easter saw higher consumer spend year-over-year. If they’re of any indication, we can expect the same spending pattern for this year’s holiday season. In fact, experts have predicted record sales numbers.

This presents plenty of opportunities for retailers, which means it’s time for you to start thinking about your holiday wholesale product portfolio.

In this post, we have six trends to focus on for your 2021 holiday season stock-up. But first, let’s get to why you need to start planning now.

Why You Should Plan For the Holiday Season Now

1. Holiday Season Shopping To Start Earlier in 2021

Experts are predicting a repeat of 2020’s holiday season, which saw many consumers begin their shopping early. Ecommerce sales also surged 47 percent year-over-year. 

This year, not only are analysts expecting another ecommerce-driven shopping season, but they’re also forecasting that consumers will be starting to shop even earlier. 

2. Black Friday Planning Is Underway

Although not technically a holiday, Black Friday is certainly celebrated as if it were one.

It kicks off days of shopping madness, including Super Saturday and Cyber Monday, and is something retailers do not want to miss out on.

Surveys show that it takes the average US consumer two weeks from the initial touchpoint to checkout. This can even go up to four weeks. 

Coupled with consumers’ plans to start shopping early, retailers need to start their holiday wholesale planning in advance. 

3. There’s a Pivot From Big Online Marketplaces

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more shoppers have started to purchase from small businesses instead of large corporations.

This consumer behavior is expected to continue into the holiday season – if not only to support them but also to feel more proactive.

A recent survey shows that 38 percent of consumers say they would feel “lazy” purchasing their holiday gifts from large ecommerce marketplaces and are planning ahead to avoid doing this. 

To attract these early shoppers, now’s the perfect time to prep your store. This means holiday wholesale shopping, online product marketing… the whole works.

So, what holiday wholesale items should you stock up on? Let’s get straight to the list. 

1. Edibles and Tableware

Image of a feast for holiday season blog post

Where there are get-togethers, there’s food.

With so many occasions to gather and feast during the holiday season, food-related products are definitely going to be a hit. In fact, surveys show that around 90 percent of consumers plan to buy candy and food for the holidays.

Whether they’re gifting them away, buying them for themselves to up their culinary game when they play hosts, or to contribute to a feast, foodstuffs are sure to sell. 

Comestibles like maple bacon cashews, nut butters, coffee toffees, or this salted caramel sauce are holiday wholesale items retailers in the culinary niche should stock up on.

Product image of coffee toffees for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Mindo Chocolate Makers

If you’re in the tableware or kitchenware niche, you can help consumers doll up their settings with wine bottle holders or handcrafted serving bowls.

Want something more premium? Check out wholesaler Crystalia, which sells everything from whiskey glasses to gorgeous antique coffee sets.

Product image of for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Crystalia

Retailers in the pet niche won’t be missing out on this trend either. These brilliantly named Purrsecco Cat Wine and CharDOGnay Salmon Flavored Dog Wine from Arizona-based wholesaler PetWineShop mean our furry pals will also have something to enjoy!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our curated collection of foodstuffs.

2. Paper Goods

Towards the end of the year, it’s typical for people to reflect on the last 12 months they’ve had and begin to plan for the next.

This is where holiday wholesale items like paper goods come in.

This Project Planner or this Begin Journal are perfect for helping consumers keep their 2022 plans and new year’s resolutions on track. There’s even a Financial Planner for those looking to adopt healthier spending habits.

Product image of the begin journal for the holiday season
Featured supplier: steady and flight

If you’re in the travel niche, consider this Travel Journal, especially as borders begin to open up again.

Planners and journals aside, greeting cards are classics and great holiday wholesale items. In fact, 70 percent of consumers plan to buy greeting cards and postage. 

Whether it’s Hannukah cards for cat owners, witty Thanksgiving cards, or holiday cards for plant lovers, there’s something for every niche.

Product image of Hannukah card for cat lovers for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Sketchy Notions

3. Home Comfort

Thanks to the pandemic, 86 percent of consumers now appreciate their time at home more.

As we head into the holiday season, people will be indoors a lot more, be it to avoid the cold or as part of their company’s remote working scheme. 

That said, people will be looking for items to help them feel more comfortable at home. 

If you’re a retailer in the home decor niche, you’re spoilt for choice. From organic cotton knitted throws to velvet cushions, there are plenty of holiday wholesale items that’ll fit perfectly in your store.

Product image of knitted throws for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Linger

Looking for something a little more unique? Check out Washington-based wholesaler Throwboy, who sells tech-inspired, quirky pillows.

Product image of for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Throwboy

And who can forget candles and home scents

Fragrances have been proven to improve our emotional well-being and are a must-have for retailers taking their holiday wholesale planning seriously. To help you get started, these themed soy candles and diffusers are great Christmas wholesale items to buy. 

Our candles and home scents collection offers a wonderful portfolio of holiday wholesale products in this category so don’t forget to check it out.

4. Clothing

Clothing topped consumers’ shopping lists the past two years and was also second on their gifts wishlists. 

Sales opportunities for clothing become clearer as Thanksgiving comes around. In 2020, more than half (52 percent) of US consumers bought clothing on Thanksgiving weekend – making it the top Thanksgiving gift.

Already, data shows 42 percent of online holiday shopping this year will be spent on apparel – a clear indication that clothing should be on retailers’ holiday wholesale purchase list.

Products like down winter jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats are items that can be used immediately.

Product image of winter hat for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Baabaazuzu

This is a big category so if you’re a retailer selling apparel, you’ll want to purchase products according to your target audience.

If your business caters to plus-sized consumers, there are jackets, wrap skirts, pajama sets, and everything in between. Browse our plus-size collection to see if anything else catches your eye.

Product image of plus-sized wrap skirts for the holiday season
Featured supplier: PrairieWilds

In the mom and baby niche? Check out holiday wholesale products like this pregnancy and breastfeeding nightwear, a sleeveless nursing top for moms-to-be, or babywear from our curated collection.

Screenshot of baby collection

5. Accessories

If clothing made it to your holiday wholesale shopping list, accessories should, too.

Not only are they perfect fashion complements, but it also makes financial sense to do so. According to a recent survey, sales from jewelry this holiday season are expected to surge a whopping 59 percent from last year.

Gemstone jewelry like this drop necklace and labradorite ring will pair well with vintage outfits.

Product image of gemstone ring for the holiday season
Featured supplier: HAWKHOUSE

For consumers who prefer something more minimalist, this simple and classy gold necklace or leaf earring will do the trick.

There are also cityscape rings, which are also great holiday wholesale items for retailers in the travel niche.

Product image of cityscape rings for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Cityscape Rings

6. Sustainable Products

Consumers are becoming increasingly more mindful about where products come from, with more and more choosing to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable products.

In fact, research shows that the US sustainability market is expected to reach $150 billion this year.

To jump on this trend, sustainable products should be on your holiday and Christmas wholesale shopping list.

One good thing about this trend is that there are so many products that fit the bill, it’s not difficult to find something for your store – regardless of what niche you’re in.

Selling makeup and skincare? There are organic daytime oils, clay masks, and shaving soap you can purchase wholesale.

Product image of face oil for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Anato

In the homeware niche? Bamboo toothbrushes, handmade cushions, and rattan coasters are great options.

There are even sustainably made healthy snacks and reusable bowl covers for retailers selling foodstuffs.

Product image of reusable bowl covers for the holiday season
Featured supplier: Wild Clementine Co.

There are loads more on our carefully curated collection of sustainable products so hop on over to check those out!

Once you’ve got the holiday season sorted remember spring is just around the corner! January is a big month for retailers so make sure you’ve stocked on the latest 2022 spring trends.

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