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6 Wholesale Products to Order for Fall 2021

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As temperatures begin to dip, all around, leaves turn a gentle hue of yellow, orange, then fiery red. 

For shoppers and retailers alike, the fall season always warrants a transition. 

Because soon, if not already, taking the cue of the leaves, consumers across the country will be switching out their wardrobes, home decor, and more as they head into the end-of-year mindset. 

Already, there’s been an increase in fall-related search terms like “hoodies,” “knitwear,” “holiday shopping,” and “fall decor.” And as we inch towards the year-end holiday shopping season, these searches and the demand for these fall products are only going to intensify.

For retailers, this is a prompt that restocking is in order.

If you’re not clear about what you should stock up for, we’re here for you. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of six fall products that are guaranteed to be big this year. 

If you’re ready, let’s get straight to them.

6 Hot Items To Order for Fall 2021

1. Hoodies, Jackets, and the Likes

The warm colors, pumpkin spice, pie baking, getting cozy… There’s so much to love about the fall season, it’s no wonder most Americans say they’re happiest in fall.

By and far, one of consumers’ favorite things about it is the cool autumn air. But with a falling Fahrenheit, being outdoors can get rather uncomfortable really quickly without adequate insulation. 

That said, for fashion retailers, basic fall apparel like jackets and hoodies are absolute must-haves for your store. 

Whether it’s a standard, single-tone hoodie, something cropped, one with a statement, or with prints, hoodies are such staple fall products that fashion retailers will definitely find something within their niche.

Product image of statement hoodie for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Be Kind Vibes

Hoodies aside, there are also zip jackets in all styles. From versatile, everyday fleece jackets to a dressier one made with faux fur and half zips, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Product image of statement hoodie for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Rogue Society Apparel®

Prefer something gender-neutral? Unisex options are also available! 

2. Home Fragrances and Decor

To fully experience the at-home fall comfort (we’re talking stretched-on-the-couch-with-a-cashmere-throw-enjoying-a-hot-chocolate-level comfort), olfactory and visual receptors need to be engaged. 

Enter: Home fragrances and decor.

Though scented products like candles and diffusers are popular products all year round, we see a peak in the demand for them right around the fall period, starting around mid-October.

Candles, in particular, offer tons of health benefits. Not only do they create a relaxing ambiance, but these scents also help to calm the mind and encourage good sleep. 

When purchasing from candle wholesalers, consider going for those who sell organic and natural ones. Demand for such candles has been increasing in recent years – particularly among millennials.

Product image of candle for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Misplaced Muse Creative

As for home decor, wall prints have always been highly sought-after. Over the past year, however, with people adhering to lockdown regulations and staying home, wall prints’ popularity peaked. Gallery walls, in particular, which are displays of selected photographs or prints, became the most popular home decor trend on Instagram.

So as people stay comfy indoors, now’s the perfect time for retailers in the home decor and prints niche to stock up on fall-themed wall prints

Product image of wall print for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Art of Karen Whitworth

Prints aside, wall hangings are also popular fall products consumers will be shopping for. Whether they’re printed onto a hanging or handcrafted, there are just countless options for home decor retailers to select from and stock up on.

And there’s even a DIY Wall Hanging Kit for stores in the crafts niche!

Product image of DIY wall hanging kit for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Likewoah Handmade

Additionally, with the rattan decor trend holding on strong, we recommend you to check out Village Thrive, a wholesaler in Oregon with perfect products to complement (and add to) this trending home look.

Product image of rattan decor for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Village Thrive

3. Everything Cashmere

When it’s chilly out, that feeling of having cashmere wrapped around you just cannot be beaten.

Offering up to eight times more insulation than regular wool, consumers will soon be shopping for everything and anything cashmere to weather the cooler months coming up. This soft material is also guaranteed to offer comfort all through winter and maybe even early spring, so it’s definitely an investment that retailers should be making right now.

Cashmere fall apparel like coats, wraps, hats, and socks are some basics fashion retailers can carry for the fall months and beyond. 

If you’re in the baby and kids niche, you’ll want to check out this adorable cashmere teddy hat and these socks.

Product image of baby cashmere hat for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Petite Maison Kids

There’s even a little something for homeware retailers – these Himalayan cashmere throws made from the soft undercoat of goats.

Product image of cashmere throw for fall 2021
Featured supplier: SLATE + SALT

Note that cashmere tends to be somewhat pricier, especially when compared to regular wool or cotton. But with some effective marketing highlighting its benefits, these will definitely sell.

4. Jackets for Dogs

The pet clothing market in North America was worth $1.7 billion in 2020.

In the US, specifically, more than half of the pet clothes purchased by owners fell in the jackets category (including sweaters and hoodies). And with 69 million dog-owning households in the US (and growing), what all this points to is a massive demand for pet clothes. 

So as fall approaches, you can bet that one of the most sought-after items among canine owners will be dog jackets.

If you’re a retailer in the pet niche, fall apparel for dogs like this fleece-lined jacket (which comes with a convenient leash ring) or this turtleneck sweater offer fantastic sales opportunities. Plus, there are even cashmere options for dog owners looking to do a little extra pampering.

Product image of cashmere jackets for dogs for fall 2021
Featured supplier: NOOEE PET

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, New York-based wholesaler Mia & Co. offers matching dog-human hoodies – bound to be a hit among passionate dog owners!

Product image of matching dog-human hoodies for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Mia & Co.

5. Whatever Keeps You Comfy at Home

Come fall, people will be spending more time cozying it up at home. For retailers, this presents a great opportunity to offer fall products that will add extra comfort.

If your store is in the home accessories niche, products like knitted blankets, throws, and couch pillows are extremely attractive this time of the year. List and market them with quality product photography to showcase their snugness to prompt more add-to-cart clicks.

Product image of knitted blanket for fall 2021
Featured supplier: BIG LOViE

One of the top fall products in this category that will be flying off the shelves is robes.

Though traditionally only put on after bathtime to stay warm, people have taken to wearing robes as a home outfit as a result of the lockdowns last year. And with more companies switching to long-term remote work, there are more reasons for consumers to own a robe for fall 2021.

Product image of adult robe for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Collective Humanity

If you’re in the baby and kids niche, Minnesota-based wholesaler Peregrine Kidswear has a cute Bikes Bamboo Adult Robe that comes with a matching print for newborns!

Product image of newborn matching print for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Peregrine Kidswear

And let’s not forget socks – a must-have comfort for cooler temperatures that’s key to achieving that overall “snug” feel. 

For that, we recommend checking out Colorado-based wholesaler Lavley. They create wacky and funny cotton socks that are just perfect for the staying-home-and-lounging mood! 

Product image of socks for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Lavley

6. Water-Resistant Anything

And it’s hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain…

We don’t really need to turn to Guns N’ Roses to know that wet weather is typical of fall, which means consumers will be looking for water-resistant fall apparel that can help them stay dry. 

Jackets, as the outermost layer and fundamental fall apparel, are what most people need to be waterproof, or at the very least, water-resistant.

Though waterproof jackets are not hard to find, you may want to cater them to your target shopper’s preferences. 

For instance, if you’re a retailer in the outdoor niche, consider this heavy-duty jacket with a nylon coating and water pressure resistance.

Product image of heavy-duty jacket for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Hope Outfitters

Prefer something more on the formal side? This dressy raincoat could be just what your store needs.

Outerwear aside, water-resistant accessories like boots and backpacks are also great complements for fall apparel. As people return to workplaces, these will be essential to ensure a dry commute. If your store sells children’s products, there are even waterproof backpacks for kids.

For those in the sports or fitness niche, light windbreakers and water-resistant running belts are sure to catch buyers’ eyes.

There’s also something for businesses in the pet niche. Come rain or shine, dogs need to be walked. These waterproof and stink-proof dog collars are a wonderful solution to the pungent damp collars all dog owners know so well after a walk in the rain.

Product image of waterproof dog collar for fall 2021
Featured supplier: Zaley Designs

Want to go the extra mile? Help your shoppers make their products last with this multi-purpose water repellant spray that can be used on shoes, boots, and handbags. It’s also a general enough fall product that retailers in other niches can sell. 

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