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6 Wholesale Products to Order for Your Store for Halloween 2021

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From one shopping event to the next, the final quarter of every year never fails to bring about increased sales and revenues for businesses everywhere.

First in line: Halloween. 

Though technically not a holiday, October 31 has always been widely and wildly celebrated in the US. This year, expect consumers to take Halloween festivities up a few notches after a relatively muted Halloween 2020. 

And in true Halloween spirit, we have a treat for you. We’ve gathered a list of six of the hottest Halloween items consumers will love and that you should order for your store. 

3 Reasons To Prepare Your Store For Halloween 2021 Now

Before we dive into the list of Halloween products, you might be thinking: It’s so early, we’re still weeks away!

Well, you know the age-old adage: The early bird gets the worm. If you’re a numbers person, here are some cold, hard facts to show you why you need to start stocking up on Halloween items now.

1. It’s One of the Top Spending Events

As one of the top consumer spending events in the US, Halloween 2021 is considered to be one of the key holidays retailers should prepare for this year. 

According to the National Retail Federation, US consumers spent an average of $92.12 per person for Halloween last year – more than what they spent for Super Bowl and Independence Day! Plus, though celebrations were much quieter than usual because of the pandemic, total spending for Halloween last year still totaled a whopping $8 billion!

Furthermore, recent research shows that Americans are more excited about Halloween 2021 than in previous years. This means that as a business owner, you definitely want to keep your shelves stocked with Halloween products this year.

2. Halloween 2021 Planning Has Already Started

Yes, we may be weeks from it, but, believe it or not, preparations for Halloween 2021 are already underway.

Data from Google Trends show an increase in the search term “halloween shopping” from mid-August.

Though it’s just a slight uptick (for now), we only have to look at last year’s data (on the left side of the chart) to see that this search term is going to rise and peak in the coming weeks.

When that happens, your store needs to be ready. 

That’s not all. The data also shows a tremendous increase in the search frequency for topics related to Halloween celebrations – a clear indication that Halloween 2021 is well becoming top-of-mind for consumers.

Screenshot of increase in search for Halloween-related topics from Google Trends

3. Consumers Have Started To Buy Halloween Products

Not only has Halloween 2021 planning started, but US consumers have also already started to buy Halloween items. 

According to a survey, three in four people begin shopping for Halloween products in September and the first half of October. In fact, at the time of writing (in September), as many as one-third will already have started.

That said, now’s the moment to start browsing and purchasing wholesale products for your store to get them to arrive at the perfect time to draw in those Halloween shoppers. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of Halloween products to order for your store in 2021.

1. Party Decorations

Image of party decorations for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Merrilulu

Halloween and parties are as synonymous as the Super Bowl and wings.

In 2020, one out of every four consumers in the US threw a Halloween party. With more interest in Halloween this year and vaccinations progressing well, there are now more reasons (and fewer restrictions) to celebrate on October 31.

What all this points to is more consumer demand for party decorations like Halloween banners, wall prints, and more – everything and anything to get their homes done up for the day. 

Plus, the increased interest could also mean that more people are willing to take their decor one step further. 

For hardcore revelers, a Claire Dunphy-approved skeleton art print like this grants extra spook points. Printed onto real pine wood, this will bring a party – and maybe even the skeleton – to life.

Photo of Halloween product
Featured supplier: Mill Wood Art

Don’t forget kitchenware like these themed dinner plates or wine tags for 18-and-up guests to finish the look!

2. Party Planning Supplies

A Halloween party may last only a few hours, but planning for it requires work and starts days – or even weeks – in advance.

This 13-day countdown sticker calendar is one Halloween product party planners will need in the weeks leading up to it as it helps to keep them organized. 

Product photo of sticker calendar for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Pipsticks

If kids are involved in the planning, it can also be a fun activity for them to jot down their favorite Halloween memory. Plus, the stickers can double up as decor!

There’s no Halloween party without the guests – and we don’t just mean Casper. One of the first things to get sorted is the guest list, and that’s where themed Halloween party invitation cards like this one can come in handy!

Product photo of invitation cards for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Palmer Street Press

3. Foodstuffs

There’s no question trick or treating is one of the highlights of October 31. Research for Halloween 2021 shows that consumers are more likely to do it this year. 

According to the survey, candy, snacks, and chocolates are the top three foods consumers will be buying. Whether they’re getting them for trick or treaters or as a dessert for their party guests, foodstuffs are set to be one of the most popular Halloween products on their shopping list. 

If you’re a retail business in the homeware, kitchenware, or food niche, there are a few Halloween products that will fit right in.

You can order these ready-made Halloween chocolates filled with slow-cooked vanilla caramel that not only look spooky but are also a guaranteed treat for the palate.

Product photo of chocolates for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Chouquette Chocolates

Or, if your business caters to shoppers who prefer a more hands-on approach, there are also DIY options you can stock up on. For instance, this chocolate mold offers four different Halloween-themed shapes and is dishwasher safe – ideal for the home pastry chef.

Product photo of chocolate mold for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: CRYSTALIA GLASS

Wholesaler Flexarte specializes in producing high-quality silicone molds and has plenty of Halloween-themed molds in the shape of bats, pumpkins, and more, so don’t forget to check them out!

4. Pet Costumes and Accessories

Product photo of dog in costume for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Morikukko USA

Pet owners are known to be extremely generous when it comes to splurging on their furry companions and are expected to spend as much as $109.6 billion on them in 2021. 

In 2020, as many as 29 million consumers dressed their pets up for Halloween. And with pet ownership currently at an all-time high, pet costumes and accessories are set to be among the top Halloween items that will be flying off the shelves this year.

From themed collars and bandanas to a full-on shark hoodie jacket, there are plenty of Halloween products for pet owners to choose from. These are perfect additions for businesses already in the pet, costumes, or even apparel niche.

You may also want to check out wholesaler Tutu Joli, an Oregon-based business creating tutu skirts with lots of options for dogs as well. 

Screenshot of supplier profile page on Handshake

5. Masks

With mask mandates still in place in some US states, masks have become a part of consumers’ daily outfits. 

This will be no exception come October 31, when dressed-up people will be out in throngs and combing the streets. 

Product photo of masks for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: WITH U

If you’re an apparel retailer, Halloween masks will pair perfectly with your product line.

People will be looking for ways to mask up while partaking in the Halloween festivities. With these Halloween masks, party-goers can wear them to complement their costumes and stay safe at the same time.

Plus, there’s no reason people should be restricted to wearing them only on Halloween. The health benefits of these masks mean they can also be worn in the days leading up to it, or even after as a replacement for regular masks for true Halloween fanatics! 

6. Greeting Cards

Product photo of greeting card on greeting card for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Dippity and Snark

Year in, year out, if there’s one Halloween product that will never go out of style, it’s greeting cards. It’s a classic Halloween item every retailer should be carrying in their store. 

One of the biggest benefits of greeting cards is that they’re such a conventional way to celebrate anything that they’ll fit right in your store regardless of what niche your business is in. 

There’s also a whole variety of Halloween cards available for different types of consumers. From generic ones and cards for loved ones to those designed for pet owners and plant lovers, there’s nothing you can’t find that your shoppers will want.

Product photo of dog on greeting card for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: TinyBeeCards

Case in point: there’s even a card for the spook-destined whose birthdays happen to fall on October 31!

Product photo of birthday card for Halloween 2021
Featured supplier: Mod Lounge Paper Company

Inspired by this list and want to check out more Halloween products for your store? Handshake is a wholesale sourcing platform that helps retailers find products and suppliers from all across the US. Hop on over to our curated Halloween collection to discover more!

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