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A Foodie's Dream

Delectable treats rounded up in one delicious collection! Choose from chocolatey goods, crunchy Keto crackers or organic herbs to make that special dish. It's all here on Handshake! No fees. No commission.

A Foodie's Dream

total products
Pulp Chips - Case (15 Units)
Keto Bars - Salted Caramel
Tips Up Tahoe French Roast
Candied Walnuts - Classic Vanilla
Sea Salt Lime Snacking Avocado
Original Herbal Coffee
BOX OF 12 SUPER: Herbs 70% Hangover Antidote
Little Prayer Tea Filters
Maple Bacon Cashews - 6 Pack Wholesale
Mint / Chocolate
Cinnamon Date Spread - Wholesale
Natural Pecans - 1 and 2 lbs
The Herbal Tea Ritual
Tin Mustard - Dry Mustard Blend
Glass Pitcher with Cork Lid
Organic Chocolate Cashews (1 oz)
Organic Flax Seeds - Golden (6 oz)
Handcrafted Serving Bowl Set
Morning Light - 12 oz
Bottle Holder - Copper
Maple Almond Cinnamon Superfood Oatmeal Cups
Nut Butters
Spicy Unsweetened Turmeric Latte Mix - 30 Serving Standup Pouch - Handshake
Toasted Coconut
Cheeky Tart Cherry Elderberry Syrup
Trending Flavors Gift Set
16oz Classic Nutkrack-WHOLESALE
Make Your Own Bubble Tea
Persian Gulf Baharat
Light Roast Single Origin Organic Coffee
Blueberry Pie Shortbread
Play It Simple Quinoa Crackers
Ginger Lime Jackfruit Chews - 6 Pack
Pistachio Butter - Freshly Made
Anxiety Relief
Maintain Your Brain
Kenyan AA Ground Coffee
Sample Packs - Back by Popular Demand!
Cinnamon Vanilla Concentrate- Fridge Pouch With Tap
Blueberry Chia Superfood Oatmeal Bags
Brioso Sprezzatura
Breakfast Blend
Baratti & Milano Soffici "Soft" Amaretti Bulk Cookies 200 Grams
Mushroom Jerky 5 Flavors (70 Grams each)
Infused Organic Vermont Maple Cream
Mini 5 Spice Set
Cashews and Coconut
Coffee Toffee
Morning Wood Cocktail Bitters
Classic Spicy Tomato Sauce
Culinary Grade Matcha 250g Bag
Keto Everything Crackers 6 Pack
Organic Cinnamon Stick Infused Vermont Maple Syrup 375ml
Super Ginger Tonic
Wanga Nègès
Pure 77% Chocolate Bar
Cinnamon Cassia Sticks
Muskrat Morning
Chocolate Bourbon
Limited: Curry Leaves
Organic Maple Bark Candy
Blue Grass N.12
Salted Caramel Sauce
It's Taco Time - 4 Rub Gift Set
BjornQorn Classic 12-Pack (3oz)
Spicy Smoked Sea Salt
Crunchy Cassava Crackers
Fire Cider Wildflower Honey - Glass Growler, 64 oz Half Gallon
Nagomi Ceremonial Organic Matcha
Habanero Sea Salt

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