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15 Hot Wholesale Business Ideas in 2022

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There are many advantages of getting into the distribution business and selling wholesale. But before you jump into it, a little bit of research into popular wholesale business ideas could go a long way.  

Knowing what categories or niches are trending helps to lay the groundwork for a successful entrepreneurial venture in distribution.

In this post, you’ll find a list of the 15 hottest wholesale business ideas in 2022. These ideas are supported by expert opinions and hard facts and figures to help guide your decision.

As you’ll see, the data surrounding these sectors show that there are lucrative opportunities all around, whether you’re thinking of starting an online distribution business or a brick-and-mortar one.

Let’s dive straight in.

Wholesale Business Ideas in Fashion

Fashion is one of the most popular industries many aspiring entrepreneurs consider when looking at profitable wholesale business opportunities.

This is no surprise, considering the US fashion market generated a revenue of $156 billion in 2020 alone.

Let’s have a look at the different niches this giant umbrella category covers.

1. Jewelry

Image of two pairs of earrings
Featured supplier: Shepherd’s Run Jewelry

In 2020, retail sales of jewelry in the US totaled a whopping $62.7 billion. Considering this was the start of a global pandemic that triggered a global recession, it’s clear that the jewelry industry is a solid investment for any aspiring entrepreneur. 

One of the biggest advantages of selling jewelry wholesale is that both the raw materials and the finished products don’t take up much space. This reduces the need for warehouses for inventory management.

2. Footwear

Come rain or shine, summer or winter, footwear is one thing people don’t leave the house without, and that’s why it ranks among the top wholesale ideas. 

If consumers living in sunny states like Texas, Arizona, or Florida are among your target markets, summer footwear such as sandals and sneakers are fantastic wholesale ideas. Up north, boots would probably be a safer bet. 

Shoes aside, there are also other footwear-related products to sell wholesale. For instance, quirky socks like this Pearls & Jewels Black Sheer Ankle Sock from wholesaler Sock Candy provide a refreshing take on traditional designs. 

Image of sheer socks by Sock Candy
Featured supplier: Sock Candy

Alternatively, you can also get into shoe care and sell polish, brushes, and wax.

3. Accessories

From bags and hats to eyewear and beachwear accessories or even key chains, there are plenty of wholesale business opportunities in the accessories niche.

Let’s look at the hard facts. The global fashion accessories market is forecast to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12.3 percent from 2021 to 2026, which presents lots of growth opportunities.

And as a wholesaler in the US, there’s better news yet – North America is the largest accessories market in the world.

That said, there are things to consider before starting a business in the wholesale accessories market. Because of the sector’s highly competitive nature, experts say constant innovation and development will be needed to stand out from the competition.

4. Lingerie

Image of model in lingerie posing
Featured supplier: behindcloseddrawers

At $6.2 billion in sales revenue, the lingerie market in the US is set to increase by 4.4 percent in 2021. This spells big potential and is certainly a niche to consider when thinking about wholesale business opportunities.

That said, selling lingerie wholesale can get competitive, which means that knowing exactly what types of products are trending (and what to sell) is key to ensuring your business takes off.

Recent research points to comfort taking priority in consumers’ preferences in intimates. For instance, women are starting to ditch push-up bras for wireless options like bralettes. These have been the most popular bra types in the US as of early 2021 and are expected to continue in 2022.

5. Loungewear

Image of woman and child in loungewear
Featured supplier: BIG LOViE

Home comfort was already on an upward trend even in pre-COVID-19 times. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit and forced everyone indoors, sales from this niche hit new highs.

In 2020, revenues from loungewear and leggings skyrocketed 1,300 percent and even prompted some brands to refocus their sales strategies

And even though the world is slowly emerging from strict lockdowns, experts say quarantine has helped consumers rediscover the pleasures of staying indoors. With that, they’re expecting the loungewear trend to stick around a little longer, which makes it a great wholesale business idea.

6. Activewear

Image of two female models wearing activewear and posing
Featured supplier: BoldBody Active

Another by-product of the pandemic: more people hitting gyms and participating in group workouts.

Reports show that after having to resort to solitary exercises at home during lockdowns, consumers worldwide are now yearning for some company during their workouts. In fact, demand for group fitness classes has increased by as much as 120 percent. 

One great way to tap on this trend is by selling activewear wholesale. And since most people will be looking to work out in groups, products that are as attractive as they are comfortable will sell best.

Wholesale Business Ideas in Wellness

Long gone are the days when “wellness” was thought of only in terms of what we eat and how much we exercise. 

These days, it’s a concept that encompasses physical beauty, mindfulness, and mental health.

That’s not all. According to recent research, the global wellness market is currently worth $1.5 trillion, with increasing interest by consumers especially in the past two to three years.

Here’s a look at some wholesale ideas in the wellness sector.

7. Skincare

Image of skincare product
Featured supplier: Soulistic Root

Skincare products have always been a big hit among consumers and this is expected to continue in the foreseeable years ahead.

What’s been driving the skincare industry in recent years is the pivot towards “clean” beauty products. More and more consumers are starting to purchase products that are free of chemicals and toxins like paraben, phthalates, and sulfates, and made only with organic and natural ingredients.

The good news is, where there’s demand, there’s supply. So if skincare is an appealing niche for you, you’re in luck. There are plenty of skincare suppliers at your disposal that you can start talking to about your wholesale business options.

8. CBD

Image of CBD product
Featured supplier: Not Pot

Up until the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, CBD products were considered to be illegal in the US.

Despite it being a fairly new market, CBD products have skyrocketed in popularity. Sales of CBD products in the US came in at $4.6 billion in 2020 and are expected to more than triple by 2026 to hit $16 billion.

If you’re looking to start selling CBD products wholesale, there are legal requirements to abide by. For instance, your products cannot contain more than 0.3 percent of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Also, depending on the state you’re in, you may also need to acquire a special license to sell.

These barriers may appear to be a hindrance for new wholesalers, but as long as you do your due diligence and keep up to date with federal and state laws, you’ll be good to go. 

If you’re a producer, make sure you’re up to date with federal and state laws. If you’re operating as an intermediary, source your products only from trusted wholesale suppliers (whether you’re reaching out to them directly or purchasing from them via online wholesale marketplaces). To help you get started, here’s a list of vetted CBD wholesalers.

9. Spa and Spiritual

Product image of bath salts
Featured supplier: Monsuri

Spa and spiritual products also rank among the top wholesale business opportunities in 2022. The numbers say it all:

  • The global spa market is projected to grow by $25.5 billion between 2020 and 2024. 
  • The spiritual search term “crystal healing” has increased 60 percent in the past decade.

Whether it’s bath salts, incense, or crystals, these wellness products have triumphed in the past couple of years as consumers take to alternative healing to deal with pandemic-related stress and anxiety.

All this potential translates into great distribution business opportunities for anyone looking for wholesale ideas.

Wholesale Business Ideas in Home and Living

Valued at $181.5 billion in 2021, the home decor market in the US is set to exceed $200 billion by 2024. 

Home is where most people spend their time – a statement that has rung particularly true in the past couple of years. That said, it’s no wonder that people are taking their living space seriously, wanting to spruce up their decor so that they can truly feel like there’s no place like home.

Like fashion, home and living is a huge overarching category that envelopes many different niches, each unique in its own way.

Here’s a breakdown of the top wholesale business ideas in this space.

10. Candles

Product image of three candles
Featured supplier: AKINAHS LLERON

One of the hottest wholesale ideas that has completely overtaken the home decor market in recent years is candles. In fact, according to predictions by TikTok and AirBnb, candles are among the leading home and living products in 2022.

And why shouldn’t they be? Their benefits include helping to reduce stress, improve focus, and add a cozy touch to any room.

If you’re serious about starting a candle wholesale business, aside from doing adequate research into wholesale candle suppliers, you may want to pay special attention to the rise of sustainable candles.

More consumers are leaning towards eco-friendly and non-toxic candles, which are typically plant-based and chemical-free.

11. Interior Design

Product image of a duvet cover laid out on a bed
Featured supplier: Thread Experiment

With bedrooms slated to be among consumers’ top interior design focuses in 2022, there’s no question that this is a distribution business opportunity that should not be missed out on. 

The past two years have seen people spend increased amounts of time in their bedrooms as the space got turned into a multipurpose bedroom-cum-office. And experts say 2022 will be the year bedrooms get recalibrated to what they were meant to be – a space of comfort to relax and disconnect.

To that end, selling wholesale bedroom products like cushy throws, top-quality bedsheets, and sleep masks could be a profitable venture.

12. Kitchenware

Whether it’s decor or cookware, there are plenty of opportunities in the kitchen wholesale business. 

For starters, wooden cupboards are set to trend in 2022. This opens the doors for matching items to sell. Products like this handmade olive wood cutting board or these gentle-colored kitchen towels have the potential to be hot-selling products. 

Product image of an olive wood cutting board with food on it
Featured supplier: CRYSTALIA GLASS

Plus, the homely and welcoming ambiance emanating from wooden furniture will prompt people to want to spend more time in the kitchen. So why not complement that with a cooking conversion chart that also doubles up as an art print?

13. Garden & Plants

Product image of plant accessories being used in three plants
Featured supplier: Treleaf

Its popularity skyrocketed when lockdowns hit, and experts say it’ll continue to be a hit in 2022. Yup, we’re talking about indoor plants.

One thing that will be different, though, is that having had two years of plant care experience, consumers will now be focused on their accessories, instead of plants themselves. This means that products like planters, hangers, and even plant accessories (pictured above) will be flying off the shelves.

Experts also expect an increased emphasis on handmade and eco-friendly goods, so a wholesale garden business with that focus could play right into the rising interests of plant-loving consumers. That said, products like this handcrafted baby hedgehog plant pot could be a great inclusion into your distribution business portfolio. 

14. Kids’ Toys

Product image of a child's toy being held by a baby
Featured supplier: Estella

From life’s greatest milestones like birthdays and graduations to special events like Christmas, there are plenty of occasions all year round for kids to be receiving toys.

This spells great news for merchants as wholesale business opportunities in this sector abound. According to recent data, the global toys market is set to grow from $141.08 billion in 2021 to $230.74 billion in 2028 – a CAGR of 7.3 percent. 

Although this may be a product category that’s traditionally sold in brick-and-mortar stores, thanks to the rise of ecommerce, the tide is definitely changing. Statistics show that revenue from online children’s toys sales in the US is set to grow 7.7 percent in 2022 and register an 8.1 percent average annual increase between 2022 and 2027.

So from dolls and crayons to teethers for the smaller ones, there’s bound to be something for every single age group.

15. Groceries

Image of person holding a grocery bag outdoors
Featured supplier: Colony Co.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, grocery stores are a great place to start. 

For starters, the likelihood of getting return customers is high as people will need to restock their pantries and fridges pretty often.

Another benefit of starting a grocery business is that it is pretty recession-proof. Be it fruits, vegetables, milk, or even snacks, these products are considered essential purchases and are very unlikely to get cut out even during an economic downturn. 

If you’re thinking about opening a physical store, one thing that will do you well to look into is location. For instance, launching a grocery business in areas where people usually need to travel long distances for everyday essentials could spur sales as it adds an element of convenience.

Even though most people do their grocery shipping in brick-and-mortar stores, more and more consumers are starting to purchase their groceries online. As reports show, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, online grocery shopping is “here to stay,” which makes the online model an extremely attractive business idea as well.

Plus, it’s easy to add items like grocery list notepads and grocery tote bags to your product portfolio. 

Summary: Wholesale Business Ideas in 2022

This wraps up our list of the hottest wholesale business ideas in 2022. To sum up, these are the top trending categories:

  • Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Lingerie
  • Loungewear
  • Activewear
  • Skincare
  • CBD wellness products
  • Spa and spiritual products
  • Candles
  • Bedroom products
  • Kitchen products
  • Gardening accessories
  • Kids’ toys
  • Groceries

We hope you’ve found our list useful! Did any of these distribution business opportunities catch your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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