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Hey There, California Retailers

Looking to source awesome products locally? You’re in the right place.

On the pulse of what the people want.

Not to brag, but California is kind of a big deal when it comes to setting trends – in the States and around the world. 

From fashion to home goods to personal hygiene, Californians don’t settle for less.

For some, that means they’re looking for products that are made with sustainable materials and ingredients. For others, it means products that are eye-catching, unique, or mind-blowingly cool. It’s appropriate that the state motto is “Eureka” – Greek for “I have found it.”

We can help with that.

Every Californian wants exceptional products and a good value to back it up. They want to know that their purchases are really worth it.

As a retailer, you need a top-notch selection of wholesale products that caters to just what your audience wants and needs. 

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our top suppliers.

Mien Studios

Minimal, chic, and eco-friendly fashion for every body.

There’s no denying that we’re in a new era of comfortable fashion. Mien Studios is a master of this philosophy, with women’s clothing that’s flowy, free, and beautiful in its simplicity.

There’s something for everybody and every body: jumpsuits and dresses that range from size XS to 3XL, plus maternity and nursing-friendly styles.

And it’s all made ethically and sustainably in California. What’s not to love?

Mein studios


Personal care that comes from the trees.

Nature is more powerful than some of us give credit for. ANATO believes that trees can regenerate our skin and the planet.

They apply this “circular mindset” to their products, all of which are in single use plastic-free packaging that’s either bare, re-usable or backyard compostable.

From Tree Balm for chapped skin and tight muscles, to Ocean Friendly Sunblock, to 3-in-1 Super Sanitizer, these products go beyond organic.

They harness the power of nature, while preserving and celebrating it along the way.

California wholesale

Bambi Bamboo

Natural products for happy babies (and parents).

This baby brand was inspired by Sophia, a mom of five. 

And all five of them had severe eczema when they were just 2 to 4 weeks old, which led to many months of Sophia searching for products that soothed their skin and avoided irritation.

Her discovery: bamboo saved the day. From animal hooded towels to muslin swaddles, all products are made with the finest quality natural bamboo or mix of bamboo and cotton.

wholesale natural products

Decadent Minis

Delectable handmade food jewelry and miniatures.

A chocolate chip cookie jar necklace pendant. Scented funfetti donut earrings. These aren’t products that you see everyday.

From macaroons to a BLT sandwich, Decadent Minis have the kind of assortment that you’d find in a cafe. Except they’re a fashion statement.

They make excellent gifts for food lovers, and these unexpected and quirky designs – and smells! – are made to turn heads and rack up compliments. If you’re looking to wholesale fun novelty jewelry, these minis are just for you.

wholesale fun novelty jewelry

Sweat and Milk

Revolutionary activewear for expecting and new moms.

Every pregnant woman and breastfeeding mom has experienced the dread of finding maternity clothes that are both stylish and functional. This is especially true when it comes to activewear.

Sweat and Milk is on a mission to change that. 

Unique products like nursing sports bras and postpartum leggings help mamas keep an active, healthy lifestyle without compromising the needs of their bodies and babies. Who says you can’t do both?

The Dirt

Super natural personal care.

Back before The Dirt was born, the founders heard the saying: “Treat yourself like someone you really care about.” They realized that they really weren’t nailing this philosophy.

So they started with their oral care routine. They ditched the toxic ingredients and started a routine with natural products.

They floss with silk, scrape their tongues, and oil pull. Any products, like toothpowders, toothpastes, lip balms, and breath sprays don’t contain anything you wouldn’t want to eat.

Today, their dentists are impressed. And so are their customers.

California personal care wholesale items

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