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20+ Best Wholesale Women’s Fashion Clothing Suppliers

Wholesale Clothing for Women

Starting an online clothing business is a viable business idea, but it’s no easy feat. With stiff competition and a seemingly limitless amount of suppliers, you can find clothing everywhere. 

To be successful, you need to stand out. And one major differentiator is your products themselves. 

That’s why it’s so important to find the right suppliers of wholesale clothing for women. Below, we’ll take you through what to look for, plus a list of China-, USA-, UK-, and Canada-based suppliers to use to stock your warehouses. 

How To Choose the Best Wholesale Clothing for Women

Before you look at the list below, there are some things to think about to help you choose the right fit for your brand. There is no one-size-fits-all in business – and the same rings true here. 

  • Styles: With your customer base in mind, it’s important to find wholesale clothing for women that matches their style. Similarly, if you’re looking for activewear, a fast-fashion wholesaler may not be the best choice. 
  • Adjacent product offerings: Though this shouldn’t be your biggest consideration, if you have growth plans in the back of your mind, it couldn’t hurt to find a supplier that can grow with you. Suppliers that have products beyond women’s fashion could turn into valuable business collaborators. 
  • Location: Knowing where your supplier is based is important because this impacts cost. Namely, shipping, taxes, and duties can quickly add up and threaten your margins. You don’t have time for that. 
  • Quality: Again, fast fashion might be less of a concern when it comes to quality. But if you’re selling items that are more classic in style or outerwear meant to endure outside exposure, quality quickly becomes a higher priority.
  • Cost: At the end of the day, the point of doing business is to make a profit. If your wholesale fashion items are priced too high, you’ll have a difficult time finding a price that makes you a profit and customers are willing to pay. Likewise, too cheap, and you risk your reputation and customer satisfaction. 

Where To Buy Wholesale Women’s Clothing: A Guide by Region

Women’s Wholesale Clothing: UK

Babez London

Babez London is a fashion-forward wholesale ladies’ clothing company based in the UK. You can purchase products in packs, ranging from three to 12 units per pack. Their website features new styles every day. They ship internationally, and there’s no minimum order amount (you do have to buy a pack instead of an individual unit). 

Catwalk Wholesale

You can find wholesale women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, and skirts at Catwalk Wholesale, which specializes in going-out apparel and fashion. Though a bit pricier than some of the other suppliers, Catwalk Wholesale has discounted items, sometimes priced as low as £1. Catwalk Wholesale has a £100 minimum order, but you can order items in individual units as opposed to in packs of three or more. Orders to the UK and USA typically arrive in one business day, while international shipping typically takes two to four days. They also have private labeling options. 

City Goddess

Offering wholesale fashion women’s clothing City Goddess is co-founded by fashion designer Mina Melikova and manufacturer Thangarajah Kuganeswaran. Their backgrounds have contributed to a fashion-forward collection of products, often inspired by the runway and celebrity looks. Their products typically come in packs, or “lots”, of five to seven units each. You can’t customize them or choose the sizes. If you want to order just one unit, you’ll need to go through their B2C platform, GODDIVA. City Goddess also has a £150 minimum order requirement. 

J5 Fashion

If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on an entire order, you can always order a sample first. The items are trendy and constantly updated – don’t be surprised if you find something new every time you check back. J5 Fashion ships internationally and also offers private labeling. Successful brands like Nasty Gal, ASOS, and PrettyLittleThing use J5 Fashion for wholesale purchasing. 

Mia Fashions

Another Nasty Gal supplier, Mia Fashions has also provided cheap wholesale women’s clothing for Boohoo and Missguided. The UK-based wholesaler sells similar looks – on-trend, celebrity-inspired fast fashion. They ship internationally, and orders over £400 within the UK ship for free. Local orders predictably arrive sooner, as fast as just one business day. International customers are more at the mercy of carriers and time. 

Missi Clothing

Another place to find wholesale women’s clothing online from a UK-based supplier is Missi London. Their women’s fashion site, Missi Clothing, has new styles each day. Styles include regular and plus sizes – everything from dresses to jackets and knitwear to leggings. Clothing is sold in packs, and there’s no minimum order requirement. 


You can buy women’s clothes in bulk from Parisian, a manufacturer/supplier of a variety of apparel. Products come in packs, but there’s no minimum order value. So you could theoretically order just one pack as a sample for all the sizes, which is still pretty low-risk. They ship globally and all orders get expedited shipping – times vary depending on location and carrier bandwidth. 

Q Clothing

For regular and plus-size fashion – including pajamas and intimates – Q Clothing has an impressive catalog. You’ll find affordable pricing, though items are typically sold in packs as opposed to individual units. There’s no order minimum, so that makes it easier to place small orders to sample products before making a bigger investment in inventory. 

Wholesale Women’s Clothing: US


Wholesale clothing for Women Handshake screenshot

Handshake is a directory of US-based wholesale brands to explore. Browse their products and connect directly with the manufacturers themselves. Each maker has been handpicked and carefully vetted for quality goods and customer service. The best part is, Handshake gives you access to tons of suppliers, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Depending on the supplier, you might have an order minimum or shipping fees.


Annabelle manufactures and sells women’s wholesale clothing at an affordable price point. Their apparel is targeted towards “free-spirited, intellectual, creative young contemporary” women. Clothing includes the standard tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits/rompers, in addition to outerwear and wholesale plus-size women’s clothing. Annabelle also offers private labeling options. 

Bloom Wholesale

USA women’s wholesale clothing company Bloom sells fashion apparel at affordable price points, offering both standard and plus sizes. The LA-based wholesaler buys quality items from local designers and manufacturers and then distributes those items to their buyers. Each week, the website features new finds. There’s no minimum order size, and you get free shipping on all orders over $400 – along with a three-day grace period for returns with full refunds.

LA Showroom

Another of the LA-based women’s fashion wholesale suppliers, LA Showroom also sources items from designers and manufacturers, though they look globally instead of just locally. Like Bloom, their website has new designs every week. In addition to apparel, you can also purchase wholesale footwear and accessories. Each vendor lists their own minimum order requirements, and shipping also varies. 

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Miami-based Magnolia Fashion Wholesale sells trendy women’s wholesale clothing. Each product style is sold in a pack rather than individual units, and packs are not customizable. Magnolia offers two- to three-day shipping in the USA, and can also ship internationally (rates and shipping times vary). Like Bloom, there’s no minimum order requirement, so you can test them out without a big commitment. 

Tasha Apparel

LA-based Tasha Apparel sources from “the most popular hotbeds” for fashion across the country. According to the supplier, their prices are 50 to 80 percent below wholesale. Expect trendy pieces that are “fun” and “flirty” and typically come in packs of six units. There’s no minimum purchase amount and orders over $300 ship for free. They also have a dropshipping option.

Wholesale Fashion Square

Next on our list is a great destination for wholesale women’s boutique clothing. Wholesale Fashion Square has a range of apparel offerings, in addition to accessories and makeup, all sourced from the LA area. Products are mostly available in bundles of three or six. Wholesale Fashion Square ships internationally and has no minimum order requirements. 

Where To Buy Women’s Wholesale Clothing in Canada


Though mostly focused on active and casualwear, Alanic has a little bit of everything. It’s also one of the best wholesale vendors for women’s clothing in Canada. You can purchase already-made styles or work with them to source a manufacturer to bring your own designs to life. Though they’re vague about the details, Alanic promises flexibility when it comes to minimum purchase amounts. 

COCO & Tashi

Another one of Canada’s wholesale women’s clothing vendors, COCO & Tashi is based in Montreal. They sell a range of women’s apparel and fashion, including stylish wear and functional outerwear. You can order packs of six or seven units, and each pack comes with one or two units in every size. You’ll also need to be prepared to fork over at least $800 to meet their minimum order requirements. 

Objects of Desire Fashions Inc.

Objects of Desire has some of the best wholesale women’s clothing in Canada. In addition to their online site, locals can also visit their physical showroom to see the product selection in person. Unfortunately, their website offers little information about shipping, minimum purchase amounts, and packs vs. individual units. 

Wholesale Women’s Clothing: China


First on our list of women’s clothing wholesale suppliers is Dear-Lover. Dear-Lover ships internationally and while *technically* there’s no minimum order requirement, you might have to pay extra fees on orders under $99. So beware when ordering samples. Dear-Lover also has a dropshipping model if holding inventory isn’t your style. 


China-based FashionTIY has super affordable, trendy wholesale women’s apparel. You can also expand your product offerings with FashionTIY. They also have accessories with boho twist, hair extensions, footwear, and other items to help you diversify. You can even venture into home goods with FashionTIY. Extra busy entrepreneurs can browse and order products on the go with their dedicated mobile app, something not many others can boast. 

Wholesale 7

Focused on Japanese- and Korean-inspired wholesale women’s fashion, Wholesale 7 has a large selection of styles to choose from. In addition to designing and manufacturing their own items, Wholesale 7 also sources from other suppliers and designers – most at affordable price points, offering decent profit margins. All items are shipped within 24 hours of placing your order, though shipping times vary depending on the destination. Wholesale 7 also has a dropshipping model. 


Rounding out the list of China-based ladies’ fashion wholesale suppliers is Yaaku in Guangzhou. Yaaku’s designs are also inspired by Japanese and Korean culture, perfect for serving those markets and other fashion-forward customer segments. Yaaku ships internationally to more than 50 countries. It’s a small gamble to test a sample order – Yaaku has no minimum order requirements.

Moving Forward With Your Store

Finding the right wholesale supplier is just as important as finding the right products to sell. As you grow your business, suppliers and vendors can be key business partners who can help you level up your business. When looking for wholesale clothing for women, consider more than just the products and their pricing. Think about how it fits into your bigger plans for growth. 

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